Homes for the Next Generation
Imagine an unobstructed view of the sky touching the sea & the sun embarking its rays on its way down - That's HORIZON for you!

Standing tall in the most prominent location of the city, it offers a unique concept of Homes where every space is detailed to perfection & designed to maximise the carpet area to accommodate all your lifestyle needs.

HORIZON inspires us to look beyond the boundaries with a belief that the future with infinite possibilities belongs to us and at Gala Habitats that future is under-construction.

Actual photo

Site Address :- Plot No. 236 of TPS Mahim No. III. Situated at 155, L.J. Road, Matunga (W), Mumbai - 400016.
Site off / Sales Tel : (+91) 9699885588.

Disclaimer : All plans, drawings, amenities, other information, etc. in the brochure are indicative of the kind of development that is proposed and are subject to the approval of the respective authorities. All renderings, floor plans, pictures, perceptive views of buildings, interiors and maps are the artist conceptions and not actual buildings, walls, roadways or landscaping. The developers reserve the right to make changes or alterations at their sole discretion without prior notice or obligation.